Why invest in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the most attractive cities in Spain to invest, since it has a number of factors that make the majority of people opt for this city to buy a property.

In addition to having a pleasant Mediterranean climate, green areas, beautiful beaches, a wide network of public transport, tourist attractions, world-famous Mediterranean cuisine and excellent connections with the rest of Europe and the world, it also has an educational system of high quality, excellent medical coverage of universal access for residents and a complete network of shops and shopping centers, in addition to having one of the best and widest cultural offerings in Spain along with leisure and sports activities.

From Espaibcnflats, we can ensure that today buying a property in Barcelona is an investment opportunity that guarantees benefits, both for subsequent sale or even to put it on rent.

The data indicate that around 18% of the home sales in Catalonia were made by foreign investors and in the specific case of Barcelona, ​​investments are concentrated in the downtown area and on the coast.

These are buyers who decides to invest in our country for the good value for money offered by our real estate market, which seeks that together with a good location, the home is in an area that offers the greatest number of services, for that usually opt for urbanizations that include swimming pools and green areas, as well as gyms or social clubs.

Barcelona is one of the main cities in the world at the tourist level and that along with other areas of Spain such as Levante and the islands, are very interesting for the investor who seeks to make a sale at very competitive prices and with guarantees of return on investment.

In case you are not sure yet, from Espaibcnflats, we encourage you to invest in Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to consult our real estate advisors, they are experts in finding the house that suits your personal and financial needs.

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