We know that carrying out a comprehensive reform of a home is a complex process and sometimes we don’t even know where to start. We are all clear about what we want in our home, but sometimes what we see in magazines make it difficult to integrate it into our home.

In Espaibcnflats we have the best specialists in the sector to carry out comprehensive reforms or adapt spaces.

Our professionals recommend that to begin with, it is very important to renovate the facilities and leave everything ready, before thinking about materials, furniture and general decoration, since it is useless to reform a house if we can then find a fault in the installation of plumbing or electricity..

The first thing our experts will want to know is what your needs are going to be, since it depends a lot on it, the reform and the final result.

We have a technical department that can advise you at any time to make the best decision about your project, they have to know what is the use that will be given to the house to be able to translate it into the project by ordering and prioritizing your ideas.

Once this is done, they will outline the new distribution of the spaces and during that phase, the first changes can be made and the reform can be reconfigured. So they will answer all our changes and doubts.

Having an expert architect will not only help us to configure our home according to our needs but also to give it greater use and control of the costs of the work, since we will control all the actions that will be carried out along with the measurements and they will give us a budget adapted to our needs.

Also before starting the works, you will have to obtain permits and licenses, and that is what our team takes care of so that you only dedicate yourself to enjoying your home.

For us it is important that you are an active part of the reform, because that’s an experience that allows you to enjoy both the process and the final result.

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